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EPS Foam 3D Plastic Engraving Machine for DIY

Discover the pinnacle of precision with our newest offering, the EPS CNC Three-Dimensional Four-Axis Engraving Machine GBEC-1325-4X. As a standout addition to our portfolio, this machine sets a new standard in foam EPS engraving machine capabilities. Engineered for excellence, it embodies our commitment to pioneering advanced engraving solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of diverse industries.
  • GBEC-1325-4X


EPS Foam 3D Plastic Engraving Machine for DIY

  1. The Heavy Hard Steel Lathe Body ensures high stability during operation. The entire 3D plastic engraving machine is constructed from welded seamless steel, enhancing its structural integrity and performance.

  2. Includes English version drawings and cutting software compatible with international standards like ArtCAM, suitable for *igs and *stl drawings.

  3. Features a re-carving function that activates after a breakpoint or power failure, ensuring continuous operation without loss of progress.

  4. Equipped with a process time forecasting function, allowing for efficient project planning and management.

  5. Comes with an oil-injection system for easy maintenance, ensuring long-term reliability and performance.

  6. Tool Specification: Offers flexibility in choosing tools of different diameters and lengths according to your processing needs.

  7. Versatility in Materials: This foam EPS engraving machine can cut Wood, PVC & EPS by simply changing the cutting tools.

Our advanced foam EPS engraving machine, the Polystyrene Engraving Machine - a versatile solution designed for precision cutting and engraving on various materials including wood, PVC, and EPS Foam.

With innovative features like re-carving post-breakpoint or power failure and process time forecasting, this plastic engraving machine not only offers reliability but also enhances operational efficiency. Maintenance is made effortless thanks to its oil-injection system. Whether you're working on complex 3D designs or require precise cuts on various materials, our machine provides the flexibility to choose optimal tools for each task.

At our company, we are committed to providing not just exceptional products but also unparalleled customer service that makes your purchasing experience worry-free and satisfying.

Choose our foam EPS engraving machine for a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and customer-centric services. Experience genuine products, lightning shipment, quick response support, and real-time logistics tracking—all designed to elevate your operational efficiency and peace of mind. Let us be your partner in navigating the complexities of high-precision engraving projects with ease and confidence.



At present, the company has export more sets of production line to the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries. Agreed by users, to give a high evaluation.




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