Cement Mortar Mixer

This equipment mainly has the big angle spiral feeding machine, the small platform type non gravity mixer, the finished product hoist, the storage silo, the automatic measuring packing machine, the electric control cabinet, the pulse dust collector and so on.

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Main features:

1. Horizontal ladder installation equipment (for low plant), excellent performance, simple operation, small occupied area, unit less labor, material mixing uniformity, high production efficiency, is a reasonable configuration, low maintenance is ideal for dry powder, granular material production equipment.

2. The mixer adopts two shafts, two way and fork hand stirring, so that the material is boiling in the body. Besides, the drum is of a sparse knife type fiber dispersion shaft. The high speed disperse fiber can reach the material and fiber evenly in a short time

3. The high performance pulse bag filter has high purification efficiency, greatly improved working environment and high environmental protection factor

4. Automatic packing machine, automatic length, computer intelligent automatic recognition, simple operation, only the workers pockets can complete the packaging production process, save manpower, reduce labor intensity, reduce production cost and improve production efficiency. The measurement can be set in the packing display exercise, according to a set of automatic weighing.

Main Technical Parameters

Description UNIT DATA
Overall Size mm 6800×3800×3900
Total capacity KW 24
Mixer Volumn L 1000
Capacity T/h 2~4
Gross Weight KG 3200

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