EPS CNC Engraving Cutting Machine

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Main features:
1. the overall structure of the lathe machine steel structure, good rigidity, stable operation, the whole machine vibration.
2. Z axis adopts high quality ball screw, linear guide, precision and durable.
3. X.Y axis adopts rack drive, faster speed, better efficiency, save the cost of maintenance.
4. manual oil lubrication system, easy maintenance.
5. Y axis adopts double motor drive, select matching, to ensure smooth movement, long time running at high speed without deformation, no jitter;
6. strong compatibility, suitable for all kinds of CNC software: carving, type3, Wentai, CAD/CAM software can be light. Make a pine carved, embossed, and other works of art.
7. famous brand of constant power water-cooled motor and high performance inverter, good performance, high torque
8. more humanized design, whether it can greatly cut or carved handy.

Main Technical Parameters

Description Specification
Model GB-EC1325
XYZ Route 1300x2500x160mm
Flat form size(L*W*H) 3200x2050x1700mm
Machine Mechanism Integral steel structure
Max feeding speed 16000mm/min
XY Driving mode high precision gear
Z Driving Mode ball screw
XYZ shaft type guide linear guide
Work-holding platen
Repeatability precision 0.05mm
Positioning precision 0.05mm
Diameter for knife ф3.175/ф4mm/ф6mm/ф8mm/ф12.7
Engraving code G code
Applicable software Beijing jingdiao
Graphic design software Beijing jingdiao
Working voltage 380v 50HZ
Main shaft power 1.5kwWater cooled spindle
(with 1~3 spindles)
Main shaft speed 0-24000rpm
Driving system JDPain

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