EPS Continuous Cutting Machine

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Product Detail

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1. Horizontal cut, vertical cut voltage are controlled by three set of transformer & regulator individually.
2. Cutting Speed changeable by frequency converters.
3. High PrecisionWire setting system (Patent Product, finish wire setting in 2 minutes. In China, only we have HIGH PRESION WIRE SETTING SYSTEM
4. keep double exhaust fan for control box

High Precison Wire setting sysiem(Patent Product,finish wire setting in 2 minutes.In China,only we have High Persion Wire Setting System,in other company,they have auto wier setting system,but after wire setting,they should manually check thickness again.)

Main Technical Parameters

Suitable for block size  mm 2000-6000*1250*1000
Capcity of cutting speed Pecs per hour 10-15 blocks
Min. Cutting thickness  mm 10
Cutting speed  m/min 0.5-1
Max. Wires in horizontal piece 50
Max. Wires in cross vertical piece 6
Max. Wires in cross cutting  piece 15
Hot wire specification  mm 0.4-0.8
Connected load  Kw 18
Weight  Kg 6500
Contour size MM 20000~32000*2500*3000
Block Tilter
Automatic wire setting in Horizontal
Oscilation cut in horizontal
Oscillation cut in vertical


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