EPS Cornice Molding Machine

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EPS Cornice Molding Machine
1. All templates are welded from high-strength steel plates, processed by high temperature annealing, heat treatment; surface de-rusted by sandblast and coated by zinc, sprayed by anti-rust paint, ensured highest stability
2. The machine adopts GP1000 steam reducer , SPZ2300 DN80+DN32 (cylinder valve ,PID control). electrical PID Pressure setting for accurate steaming
3. all pipe ,flange connection and machine leg base are hot Zink coating
4. sealing system- all fast plug are closely sealed with liquid sealant, and the PU pipes are replaced by nylon tubes,prolonged service life,and saves energy with little air leakage.
5. Equipped with double barrel and able to produce eps products of 2 different density meanwhile; delicate design with the barrel makes for excellent pressure-preservation function. All outlets have fast copper connectors.
6. Add PID control for filling guns blowing air and pressure fillings
7. add Electrical host and S.s product tray
8. set protection system for suddenly power off, and inter-middle restart process.
9. set water cooling for hydraulic tank.

Main Technical Parameters

citem Unit PSZ2300EPS
Steam reducer GP1000 DN100
Hydraulic Force T 60T
Mould size mm 2300*1600
Window size mm 2100*1450
max product size mm 2000×1400
Max product height mm 400
Guide rod size mm Φ100
Hydraulic cylinder mm Φ200+$150
Qty of cylinder pcs 3
Material hopper Liter 200*2
Outlet of hopper pcs 22*2
Main steam inlet Inch 4”
Cooling water inlet Inch 3”
Air inlet Inch 2.5”
Drainage outlet Inch 8”
Hydraulic pump KW 11
Vacuum pump kw 7.5

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