EPS melting machine with belt conveyer

The machine is mainly composed of frame, feeding silo, crushing system, extrusion system, heating system, electrical system, etc.
hopper conveyor;
Main features of the machine:
The frame is welded by section bar, with reasonable structure, stable performance and convenient operation. It is mainly used for crushing waste foam into lump blocks.
Working principle and structure summary:
Switch on the power, press the start switch and the machine starts running; after running for 15 minutes, put in the waste foam from the inlet and start the heating switch at the same time. The waste foam is crushed into pieces, screw extruded and heated.

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Main Technical Parameters

No Description   Unit  Qty Data
1 Dimension   mm 2600×32000×2530
2 Crusher motor   Kw 4 9
3 Conveyer motor   Kw 1 1.5
4 Main mofor power   Kw 1 1
5 Heating power   Kw 16
6 Machine weight   KG 1500
7 Heating-ring Temperature Control   300~350 (Max.400)


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