Lanxi Lvjian New Building Material Factory, produces the best quality EPS foam lines for you

Lanxi Lvjian New Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive entity production enterprise integrating production, research and development, sales and installation. Based on the digestion and integration of foreign advanced technology, the company independently researches and develops EPS and GPS lightweight wall decoration components. This product has the advantages of heat preservation, energy saving, environmental protection, high quality, free splicing, easy installation and splicing, and easy installation.

EPS decorative lines are composed of demoulded B2 fire-resistant polystyrene as the main body, pasted with reduced-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, and combined with a special bonding outer protective layer. Not affected by temperature changes, cold and heat resistance, and not affected by humid weather and acid rain.

EPS decorative lines can be fireproof and will not emit toxic substances. It is an environmentally friendly high-quality decorative building material product.

EPS decorative lines are cut by computer numerical control, which can be produced quickly and have many types, such as lines, Roman columns, and window covers. Buckets, etc., can be installed on the four sides of windows, doors, corners and walls; make the facade of the building more beautiful, and bring new and unique ideas to architects.

Products are exported to UAE, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries. It has been unanimously recognized by users and given high praise. Friends from all walks of life are welcome to visit and guide Lanxi Lvjian New Building Materials Co., Ltd.

The advanced arc-shaped EPS line production equipment solves the cumbersome traditional manual manufacturing process. The EPS line horizontal cutting machine is used to process the cross-sectional mold of the arc-shaped line with the resistance wire, and then the arc-shaped parameters are designed. So it can be cut by machine. After cutting, use the centrifugal glue hanger to spread the glue and process it into shape. The advantage of this method is that the glue is uniform, the line size is very standard, and the output is high.

Second, the other is to cut a wedge-shaped opening on the back side of an artificial straight line, and then fold it into an arc. This process saves materials, but has high technical requirements for workers, high scrap rate and low output. Arc-shaped eps decorative lines are mainly used in building nodes such as windows, arch coupons, door lintels, etc. Although the utilization rate is not very high, it will greatly enhance the beauty of the building.

Post time: Dec-18-2020