The Points On EPS Mould

Green building had got a big business pick up for EPS mould in 2019, We supplied all different kinds of moulds all over the world , such as home appliance package , AC components,  insert block and hordi building mould, as well as fish and vegetable box mould.

The more moulds we made, The more we feel the mould is based on all details . we should care about all details from A to Z . from wooden model , casting, machining , assembling , …and till final testing. Then put all those careful points into standard . Which is ensure mould quality higher .

Such as
• All woden mould and casting cavities must be machining by CNC center for accurate
• Keep 14mm connection Al-Alloy plate and 16 mm Al-Alloy Back plate
• Al-Alloy steam chest , All bolt are S.S 8.8 304. With cooper thread
• Strong supports are so important ,which keep long time and less deforming.
• No less than four steam jets in Sq inch for big steam flow and fast cooling.  Enough cooling pipe with Water nozzles.
• Running test is recommend before delivery, so we can provide the test sample to client to avoid any mistake.

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There have no best , we try our best to be better .

Before the construction of EPS decorative lines, the remaining floating ash, release agent oil and other debris and hollow parts of the plaster should be cleaned up on the concrete wall. Remove the split concrete blocks, inclusions, hollow drums, etc. at the junction of the wall, and stop repairing again; use cement mortar to find the slope of the window sill eaves according to 2%, and the various openings in the outer wall are packed densely. It is requested that the surface flatness deviation of the polystyrene board should not exceed 5mm. When the tolerance is exceeded, the protruding wall surface will be stopped, and the recessed part will be stopped. When it is less than 6 mm, the thermal insulation construction unit will use polymer cement mortar to make repairs); to ensure that the flatness of the entire wall is within 5 mm, and the angles of Yin and Yang are square and smooth.

After the mortar is prepared, it must be allowed to stand for 5 minutes, and the stirring shall be stopped again before use. The mixed mortar shall be used up within 1 hour. According to the construction drawings, a positioning line (center line or side line) will be popped up at the position of the EPS decorative line to be installed. Cut EPS components according to the size of the drawing device. The corners should be cut at a 45° angle for splicing. The EPS components are all standard sizes, and the width of the splicing seam should be considered when cutting.


Post time: Dec-18-2020