What Are The Attractive Advantages Of Eps Lines

What are the attractive advantages of EPS lines?
EPS lines can complete heat preservation, and the decoration is intact. Better solve the problems in the groundbreaking, so that the construction, installation, thermal insulation and thermal bridge problems of various decorative lines are handled together, which is a time saving and material saving. After the non-normal deep processing of the EPS polystyrene board, the glass fiber grid cloth is supplemented on the outside of the EPS board, and the second layer of special security surface layer is added. The Wannian security EPS board is not subject to temperature forming, damp weather, acid rain, and contraction and contraction Subtly, it replaces the mounting line segment made of cement block and glass fiber, which is especially applied to the exterior wall decoration system of the EPS board wall external protection, so as to effectively avoid the cold and hot bridges of the fabric exterior wall. title.

The construction method of the exterior wall decorative lines of the villa:
Before the construction of EPS decorative lines, the remaining floating ash, release agent oil and other debris and hollow parts of the plaster should be cleaned up on the concrete wall. Remove the split concrete blocks, inclusions, hollow drums, etc. at the junction of the wall, and stop repairing again; use cement mortar to find the slope of the window sill eaves according to 2%, and the various openings in the outer wall are packed densely. It is requested that the surface flatness deviation of the polystyrene board should not exceed 5mm. When the tolerance is exceeded, the protruding wall surface will be stopped, and the recessed part will be stopped (if the thickness exceeds 6 mm, use 1:3 cement mortar for plastering, and the thickness needs to be found. When it is less than 6 mm, the thermal insulation construction unit will use polymer bonding mortar to make repairs); to ensure that the flatness of the entire wall is within 5 mm, and the angles of Yin and Yang are square and smooth.

After the mortar is prepared, it must be left standing for 5 minutes, and the stirring shall be stopped again before use. The mixed mortar shall be used up within 1 hour. According to the construction drawings, a positioning line (center line or side line) will pop up at the position of the EPS decorative line to be installed. Cut EPS components according to the size of the drawing device. The corners should be cut at a 45° angle for splicing. The EPS components are all standard sizes. The width of the splicing seam should be considered when cutting.


Post time: Dec-18-2020