Pre expander (SPJ130)

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– All procedures are controlled by Touch screen & PLC, all parameters can be revised in touch screen
– All material connected with EPS resin in expansion Chamber are made of SUS 304 Stainless steel
– High density Rock wool used for insulation layer to reduce temperature undulate & steam consumption.
– Steam system controlled by origin Japanese Pressure Reduction Valve, Brand “Yoshitake” GP-2000
– EPS Resin weight in Each cycle are controlled by accurate weight sensor for first expansion .
– Second Expansion is available for lower density
– Second expansion will be also controlled by weight sensor for more accuracy
– PID steam and PID air valve control Stable pressure & stable temperature ensure density tolerance within 3 %
– PID control for ventilation air for stable pressure and less steam consumption
– Use hot air for discharge material out of chamber for less beads broken rate , shrinkage and less steam consumption
– material discharge from bottom, instead of side door, Which will give less material lump and 100% discharge

– Control panel declaration:
• All electronics are brand Schneider, Air condition is equipped for control box .
• Japan Mitsubishi PLC and Taiwan veinview touch screen (10.1”)
• pneumatic valves are brand Burket (Germany)
• one level photo sensor for double safety
• Use vibration level sensor to control heating of expansion .

Main Technical Parameters

Chamber diameter mm 1300
Chamber height mm 1800
Usable volume M3 1.6
Capacity kg/h 500-1200
First expansion    
(12~30g/l) 12g/l 500kg/h
Secondary expansion    
(6.5~11g/l) 8g/l 430kg/h
Tolerance   ±3%
Outer steam pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
Inner steam pressure Mpa 0.015-0.05
Steam consumption (first) kg/h 0.6~0.8kg/kg raw matrial
Inlet size mm DN65
Outer air pressure Mpa 0.4-0.6
Inlet size mm 40
Air consumption m3/h 1.5
Connected load kw 27.85
Power supply v/hz 380/50
Weight kg 6000
Over size mm 7500×4150×4500

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