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  • Eps line cutting machine work what conditions need to have?

    1, the computer control system can be based on the design request automatically forming two-dimensional, three-dimensional style, can be designed to have a complex curved lines, the appearance of the effect is very good.
    2, the shovelling period is short, can be cut at the same time more than one appearance, the same precision products.
    3, eps line cutting machine adopts computer design appearance, after CAD drawing, automatic cutting.
  • Eps line cutting machine in the use of the process of how to avoid accidents?

    1, all cutter using the work of raw materials for flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, liquefied gas and other gases. Therefore, you need to regularly check whether the entire gas circuit can be sealed intact.
    2, the dominant staff in the fire should stop its timely control to avoid fire.
    3, shut down the machine before blocking all gas valves, and release the remaining gas in the airway.
    4, cutting machine gas source department] should be wide open fire, and placed around its normal function of carbon dioxide or other appropriate fire extinguishing installations.
    5, before starting the machine to check whether the pipeline can have gas leakage phenomenon, there is a leakage phenomenon never start.
    6, in the domination of the emergency situation, such as encountered, to immediately press the red emergency stop switch, to avoid the occurrence of untoward.
    7, repair and maintenance of CNC cutting machine should pay attention to a technician command.
  • What are the advantages of eps line equipment in the cutting process?

    1, the cutter head of the machine can be hung 20 stove wire, plate a cut.
    2, in the cutting process to support the broken wire exchange function, do not spoil the plate.
    3, in the cutting process can be adjusted to cutter head of the suspension time, suitable for different kinds of humidity of the plate.
    4, can design their own arbitrary two-dimensional cutting graphics, to meet the ever-changing needs of customers.
    5, the whole mechanical planning can be disassembled, transport and installation convenience.
    6, the whole from the opening of industrial-grade control system, to reach 24 hours of non-continuous operation.

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