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Lanxi Lvjian New Building Materials Co., Ltd., founded in 2015, has been focusing on the improvement of EPS foam equipment technology and the development of foam application. After several years of development, the enterprise has a comprehensive system from product design, production and manufacturing, market operation, and after-sales service, and has established two brands and business directions of green building machinery and green building materials.

Green building Machinery: focus on cutting, recycling and molding of EPS foam. We have developed EPS melting machine, EPS Pelletizer, EPS crushing and recycling equipment, 2D, 3D CNC cutting Machine and ordinary and automatic wire setting flat cutting machines, as well as EPS/EPP foam molding machines, etc., to inject a clean stream into EPS industry and strive to create more Eco and energy-saving foam equipment.
Green building materials: With many foam carving and cornice moulding production lines, years of production experience and superior plaster formula, to ensure high-quality products, it has become a quality benchmark in the domestic exterior wall line industry, and its products are exported to Europe, America, Australia and other parts of the world.

Hot Sale EPS Machines
Hot Sale EPS Machines
We provide EPS deco, EPS machinery, EPS molds and spare parts to meet the different requirements of customers.
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EPS CNC 3D Cutting Machine
FC2025- 5X series of EPS 3D CNC cutting machine combine both hot wire and shape wire cutting . used for cutting various shape and size foam products. The equipment can cut car models, lost foam molds, aviation models, movie props and so on. It is right machine for the company of advertising , lost foam casting and art studio decoration .
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EPS Aluminum Alloy Cutting Machine
FC200/250 series CNC foam cutter suit for 2 D profile cutting with multi cutting wire, which have big capacity and high accuracy . this machine is specially for exterior cornice moulding , facade cladding and deco elements.
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EPS Block Plate Cutting Machine
The SPC200-600 foam plastic cutting machine is suitable for processing various specifications of foam plastic plate products with a length of 6100, a width of 1300, and a height of 1300 or less. It is an electric heating cutting machine for processing expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam plastic plates, and is a supporting equipment specially provided for foam plastic product factories to produce large foam plastic plates. Foamed plastic panels are used for thermal insulation in housing construction and refrigerated warehouses, thermal insulation in transportation ships, trains, and buses, composite wall panels of various specifications of metal and cement paste, preservation of fruits and vegetables, and packaging materials for various precious metals.
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Eps Foam Continuous Cutting Machine
The automatic wire setting foam plate cutting machine has added the functions of horizontal automatic wire setting, cross cutting with setting length, and automatic operation on the basis of the ordinary sheet cutting machine, which solves many problems such as the trouble of manual wire hanging, inaccuracy, large tolerance of cross cutting length, and greatly improves the cutting accuracy and output. It is very suitable for cutting small and medium-sized foam sheet orders, Be the preferred equipment for EPS sheet factories.
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4M Aluminum Alloy Foam Cutting Machine
GB-FC-400AL series EPS two-dimensional numerical control cutting machine is a medium-sized electric heating cutting machine used for cutting various specifications of foam plastic plate products. It is a supporting equipment for foam plastic products factories to produce medium-sized foam plastic plates. This machine can fully realize linear cutting and irregular cutting; The equipment can cut car models, lost foam molds, aviation models, movie props, and place the required raw materials before cutting.
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High Precision EPS Foam 3D Sculpture CNC Six Axis Engraving Machine
EPS CNC Five Dimensional Six Axis Engraving Machine GBEC-1325-5D6X This series of engraving machines is our company's latest EPS decorative engraving equipment.
Reasonable structure, high precision, advanced technology, and easy operation. It is suitable for carving 3D animation animal figure decorative sculptures in scenic areas and parks.
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EPS 2D Relief Engraving Machine

EPS CNC 3D 4 Axis engraving machine GBEC-1325 series of engraving machines are our company's new EPS engraving equipment without function. Reasonable structure, high precision, advanced technology, and easy operation. Suitable for EPS, wood, and other plastic material carving, mainly applied in Exterior decorative architectural reliefs, Sculpture, Roman Pillar head, and other deco parts.
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EPS Belt Conveyor Plate Hot Melt Recycling Machine
This EPS Hot Melt Recycling Machine is designed with a unique Belt Conveyor Plate mechanism, streamlining the process of transforming waste foam into valuable PS blocks. Featuring an integrated crushing system, this EPS hot melt machine efficiently crushes waste foam, melts it down, and then extrudes it through screws to produce compact PS blocks. This process significantly reduces the volume of waste foam, optimizing storage space and facilitating easier handling.
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Eco-Friendly EPS Foam Recycling Crusher with Advanced Dedusting System

The GB-SPR-L Crushing & Dedusting Integrated Recycling Machine represents the latest innovation in EPS scrap recycling. Comprising a crusher, a dust collector, and a mixer, this Eco-Friendly Foam Recycling Crusher offers numerous advantages including increased capacity, reduced dust emission rates, and precise proportional mixing. Thanks to this advanced recycling system, waste EPS scraps are converted into exceptionally clean and qualified beads. These recycled beads can subsequently be blended with new EPS expansion beads for the production of EPS blocks.

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EPS High-Efficiency Hot Melt Recycling Machine
The EPS recycling machine is equipped with a crushing mechanism that can crush the waste foam, melt it, and extrude it with screws to produce EPS blocks. This process greatly compresses the volume of waste foam, saving stacking space. At the same time, EPS blocks can be directly sold in the market and have a large profit margin. This EPS melting Machine is widely used in foam factories, agricultural markets, and waste recycling stations.
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High Efficiency Integrated Foam Recycling Granulator Plastic Particle Recycling Machine
The integrated foam recycling granulator is suitable for EPS XPS direct recycling granulation and sol briquetting treatment, realizing recycling and recycling from waste. This plastic particle recycling machine is an ideal choice for environmental protection in product factories, supermarkets, and living quarters. Using high-speed compression, rapid melting, exhaust, and extrusion filtration, one-time processing can be used directly as raw materials.
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EPP Automation Shape Moulding Machine (standard Type)-K Series
Our EPP Moulding Machine (Standard Type)-K Series represents the most advanced automated moulding solution designed to revolutionize the processing of Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) materials. This moulding machine finds applications across various sectors including packaging, automotive, construction, sports & leisure, and healthcare.
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Stable EPS Full-Automatic Molding Machine Equipment with Touch Screen
The GB-SPZ1400-1750PT, a cutting-edge EPS Shape Molding Machine, features PLC and touch screen control for precision in every step of the process. As a Full-Automatic Molding Machine, it excels in hydraulic-driven feeding, steam heating, vacuum cooling, demoulding, and ejection. Its design prioritizes stable structure, efficient operation, and safety, significantly boosting molding speed while reducing steam use. Ideal for EPS foam packaging and molding operations seeking top-tier performance and ease of use, this EPS Mold Forming Machine is the go-to choice for enhancing productivity with consistent quality.
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Automatic EPS Low Density Foaming Machine for Premium Packaging Material Production
The EPS Low Density Foaming Machine adopts programmable control (PLC) and color touch screen control (HMI), ensuring automatic loading, precise control of barrel temperature, and air pressure, alongside automatic sensing of material. The barrel, crafted from high-quality stainless steel plate, facilitates high-quality enclosed constant pressure foaming. This EPS Foaming Machine incorporates Japan's high-precision Yoshitake GP2000 pressure-reducing valve and Germany's proportional valve to meticulously control the pressure within the barrel, making it a standout choice for low density foaming machine requirements.
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At present, the company has export more sets of production line to the united Arab emirates, 
Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries. Agreed by users, to give a high evaluation.
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At present, the company has export more sets of production line to the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries. Agreed by users, to give a high evaluation.

FAQ And Latest Blogs


  • Eps line cutting machine work what conditions need to have?

    1, the computer control system can be based on the design request automatically forming two-dimensional, three-dimensional style, can be designed to have a complex curved lines, the appearance of the effect is very good.
    2, the shovelling period is short, can be cut at the same time more than one appearance, the same precision products.
    3, eps line cutting machine adopts computer design appearance, after CAD drawing, automatic cutting.
  • Eps line cutting machine in the use of the process of how to avoid accidents?

    1, all cutter using the work of raw materials for flammable gases such as acetylene, propane, liquefied gas and other gases. Therefore, you need to regularly check whether the entire gas circuit can be sealed intact.
    2, the dominant staff in the fire should stop its timely control to avoid fire.
    3, shut down the machine before blocking all gas valves, and release the remaining gas in the airway.
    4, cutting machine gas source department] should be wide open fire, and placed around its normal function of carbon dioxide or other appropriate fire extinguishing installations.
    5, before starting the machine to check whether the pipeline can have gas leakage phenomenon, there is a leakage phenomenon never start.
    6, in the domination of the emergency situation, such as encountered, to immediately press the red emergency stop switch, to avoid the occurrence of untoward.
    7, repair and maintenance of CNC cutting machine should pay attention to a technician command.
  • Automatic Big SPJ150 Batch pre-expander successful running in saudi. Special for low density.The machine have first and Double expansion ,touch screen and PLC controlled, easily reach density 8g/l with Sabic F760 and China Material ZKF 302.
  • Because of Corona virus , We start working on 18th Feb. 2020 after long time break. Behalf of Green building, i would to like to say thanks for your supports in 2019 and concern on us always, We will continuously focus on EPS industry field, Provide you the professional service. Wish we can more c

At present, the company has export more sets of production line to the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Spain and other countries. Agreed by users, to give a high evaluation.




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